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fantastisk Ikea

Wow wow wow. They have done it again.

The guys at Forsman & Bodenfors have done an other amazing interactive experience for IKEA.


If it feels slighlty inspired by Uniqlo, it actually adds a couple of interesting features like playing sound on the keyboards and using a microphone to somehow control the videos.

It actually takes some time to discover all the different interaction and videos in each scene, plus the possibility to download the MP3s. The video quality is superb. The added interaction a definite plus.

There is still nothing as good as that on the Internet.

They’ll get their usual Lion next year at Cannes. I wonder when Ikea will actually realise they would make great TV ads too, as in to drive people to the web.

Bravo mes amis.

(Source: ad critic, Creativity Weekly Top 5: July 21)

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