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Update – Snickers: great execution on a poor strategy?

I’m growing tired of ads that try to talk to guys about how to behave like real men. Real men box, real men don’t do pylates… bla bla bla.

Using Mr T to advertise Snickers was a great idea the first time around. (One question though, do 16 years old know who he is? I’m sure the planners have found relevant piece of research saying he is their main hero, yet I’m somehow dubious).

The new speed walking ad that apparently got banned for being anti-gay (is that true?) managed to still be funny.

Watching Mister T create his war machine is still ok.

But having Mr T rap about how I should behave or not behave is not funny.

Guess they could do it so why not?

Anyway, seriously, stop it with this ‘(insert client name) is for real men’. It’s getting seriously boring. It’s not a strategy, it’s not an insight, it’s not planning.

Apart from that, well done though I do like that Mr T ad. Thanks to the creative for that one.


Update, on my way home, I thought about it again and I’m now thinking it is actually the opposite.

The last spot is a poor execution on what might have been a good strategy.

See, in the spot where Mr T hurls abuse at a cheating footballer, I got the sport reference. Whether in the last spot, I didn’t. I thought it was just some funny piss-taking at some unmanly hobby. I thought it was about behaving like a man, but thought it had nothing to do with sport. I found it funny for the wrong reason, which is that the speed walker just looked silly in his tight shorts. And I can actually now understand why it has been banned. It’s certainly could certainly encourage stupid behaviour.

Anyway, I think they miss the point of what was so great about the first one, the amateurial sport reference, the cheater and should have carried on with it.

What do you think? (I like ending a post with a question, specially when no one responds!)

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