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the biggest positive prank in the world

Time time time. Where does it go? It’s taking me forever but here’s my take on the creative project I tried to set up a while ago. How can I ask people to contribute if I can’t even find the time myself? It’s proving challenging. Anyway here it is, it’s not even that good but I came up with it in the tube home yesterday. I had a few beers and thought it was genius. As I’m writing it, sober, I’m revising my judgement.

It’s based on ‘life as it should be’.

Guys. Don’ t we all love a practical joke? I still vividly remember the one in the office that you can watch below (only starts at the 4.00 minute)

A practical joke or prank is a stunt or trick to purposely make someone feel foolish or victimized, usually for humor. The victim is called “the mark”, “the target”, the pranks are pulled by “the prankster”, “practical joker”, “gagman”, or “jokester”. Since pranks are made to make people feel foolish or victimized, there is an inherent strain of cruelty in most practical jokes. (wiki)

What if we could organise the biggest positive prank in the world. A practical joke where the ‘victim”s life is going to be transformed for the best, instead of the worse, without him knowing why or where it comes from.

We chose an innocent victim. Someone who preferably already drinks Coke Zero. Someone that we know fit our brand value. Young, attractive, fit, nice, bit adventurous (or actually the opposite, quite normall). We get all his friends, colleagues and family to be our complices.

It will be hell to organise.

But his life is our stage. We’d follow his habits to make sure we could film every bit of it. How does he go to work, where he lives, at work, where he goes for lunch, where he goes out…

Basically organising a giant Truman show.

And everytime he would drink a Coke Zero, amazing things would happen to him. For real.

As he would walk through a street, everyone would be smiling at him and letting him pass. Girls would flitartiously look at him. People would start singing and dancing, like in the last minute viral:

The opponent football team would let him score 5 goals. He would win £10,000 at the lottery.

We would have hidden cameras on his friend and hear him talking about all these weird things that happen to him.

At work, he’d become a hero.

Many amazing stunts could be set up like that, for say a week.

It would essentially be candid cameras done one a guy , only, it would be constantly happening to him for a week. The gags would all have positive outcome but no one would come to tell him it was for TV. He would be left wondering what the hell is going on.

We would make ‘life as it should be’ for this one guy. The stunts should be amazing and high budgets, so it would make for spectacular TV.

You’d just have to hope he’d agree to broadcast it in the end! I think we’d have to give him £100,000 or something so he doesn’t commit suicide when we let him go back to his normal and dull life!

Actually, I might still be a bit drunk this morning, so not sure it makes any sense!

Still have to think about how to roll out the things, where the content would go, what goes on the Internet…

  1. July 24, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    maybe it could be part of something bigger. like working with the fair revolution page voting thing or doing a lot of little or big things for a lot of people. not just one lucky guy. maybe it could be part of something more. cheers.

  2. thinknative
    July 25, 2008 at 11:21 am

    Really cool idea! =)

  3. Digicynic
    July 25, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    Hi Facu,

    I think you are right. It should be part of something bigger. This was just one quick idea I had.

    We could probably fit your idea, Ed and mine together.

    Thinknative, thanks mate! I really didn’t know if it made any sense.

  4. July 28, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    “We could probably fit your idea, Ed and mine together”
    that´s what we´re here isn´t it!

    so your initiative is already a small yet big success! 🙂

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