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Sid Lee Shows It Takes Time to Build a Truly Integrated Shop

I didn’t know they were about to win the Adidas Retro global account when I wrote my post “Sidlee, learning from the best‘. But it’s nice to see them getting a bit of recognition in the industry after this fantastic win. Adage has a great article about them. This is the agency where I was ‘formed’ after all, which also probably explains why I have found it difficult at times to fit in English agency structure…

I’m not here to give them free publicity, they don’t need it, but giving them the credit they deserve for being the closest to the perfect advertising agency model. A model that constantly produces great creative work, no matter on what medium or platform, and does that it while making its employees happy.

In my 5 years here, I have sometimes found the UK advertising industry unwilling to acknowledge the fact that the world has changed and so should their models. That’s why a lot of traditional agencies could do worse than looking at what’s Sid Lee’s doing.

I’m not aware of any other agency with a similar model (Wieden comes close, but they will need a couple more years), but happy to hear if you know any.

Here is a good paragraph from the article:

But even with integration as a founding principle, Bouchard says it’s taken time — he reckons 10 years — to develop and fully exploit a truly integrated offering. “People believe that it’s something that can be improvised. But our experience is that it takes time to fully integrate people with such diverse expertise.” The agency now employs 250 people, half of whom are “one massive creative team” (with half of those creatives being what one would call digital). Teams are made up of six people, who, depending on the assignment, could be combinations of industrial designers, architects, art directors, writers, interactive types and others.

Teressa Iezzi, the editor of Creativity magazine and Creativity-Online.com.

Click here for the full article.

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