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To the importance of pictures

It still surprises to realise how little people have learned over the last 10 years.

Pictures are the Internet most important asset. I decide about most things by looking at the pictures. And this is also what most people do.

Products, hotels, houses, places, experiences, and dare I say people, most of the most important things and choices in our lives are determined by looking at online pictures. And you can’t have too many pictures. It’s so easy to browse and you can rely on people to always find what they want.

I have come so disillusioned with transactional websites that when I want information, I actually look directly in Google pictures. It is most of the time much easier to find what you were looking for.

Or to type what you want in Flickr.

I couldn’t find any pictures of a decent pitcures (a 5*) on their websites so had to rely on tripadvisor and flickr to show me what it was like inside. I wouldn’t have booked it otherwise.

I wish some people could see how many transactions they missed just because they didn’t have enough pictures.

People love pictures. Facebook has become so popular because suddenly you could see everyone’s lives through their pictures. It’s that simple.

You can invest million of pounds in building social experiences, heavy transactional websites, you will miss the sale because of the quality of the pictures you put in (or there non-existence).

And there are million of ways to make browsing pictures really engaging and entertaining. Examples:

Mood stream from the Barbarian Group for Gettyimages

The Tag Galaxy

10 ways to interact with pictures (I think from Sumona for Gettyimages)

You can see more like that here.

Websites could just be pictures as far as I’m concerned. Make them bigger, put more of them, make it amazing to navigate. Everyone’s got a broadband connection, make the most of it.

Whatever you are advertising, invest in pictures.

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