Google and entertainment

Every now and then, when working on clients, we try to sell the odd short movies for our clients. Because it’s on the Internet, cost are low, etc.

But because of the nature of the web, it is very very difficult to actually drive an audience to a destination, as we’ve seen it before with Where are the Joneses (see episodic content on the web).

Some series have been successful, like Chad Vader

But many have failed.

The magic formula seemed to be combining screenwriting talent (preferably skilled at online narrative) and a succesful social platform.

For example:

– The guys from Lonely Girl 15 and Bebo have made one of the most successful online series in Kate Modern, with each episode racking up to 2 million views (in Bebo). Season 2 is on its way and seem to be even bigger.

– Or in the States, a project mandated by Sprint and Suave and developed by Mindshare, was combining the savoir faire of professional writers and the experience of real mothers, while adding a few B-celebrity to the mix and promoting it on MSN. It’s called ‘In the Motherhood‘.

They were getting an average of 5.5M views per episode and a fair share of positive reviews. Not bad by any standard. Season 2 is on its way, with a bigger budget.

Now, although budgets were coming along and getting a little bigger each time, Google has come to play. And what do they do? They just hire the best man in the business. No, not Rob Campbell (although they also have), but Seth Macfarlane, the creator of family guy.

I actually wish I was in that brainstorm. “Ok, so we need to do some funny content that we could put on our sites to get more ad money. Who’s funny? That Groening guy? He can’t do it. Ok. The Seinfield dude? Nope, too old. Ok got it, what about Family guy? That’s pretty funny. Everyone nods in agreement.” Ha, the easy life. I wish every brief was as simple.

MacFarlane has created 50 webisodes that will aim to attract “prime-time television advertising dollars to web-only video content” The Register.

This will be a very interesting project to follow. The webisode will be about 2 minutes long, perfect length for the web.

So this could be an amazing partnership. One of the funniest writer joining the most successful online property ever.

I one day asked one of the creative I worked with to write me something funny ( I was young and naive). He replied that if he was funny, he’d be writing for the Simpsons. He had a point I thought.

But I guess he’d better be gear up, because they might be coming for his job.

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