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Project creative, entry #2

This entry comes from Facu, from Buenos Aires.

Here is his personal blog: http://alwaystrytogowithsomethingelse.blogspot.com/

I will keep on gathering entries this week (if we get any more that is? Who’s next?).

Coke Zero

Life As It Should Be

The Fair Revolution

Unfairness can present it self in many ways, it’s Portugal’s Ronaldo getting a red card at the Euro or a beautiful amazon jaguar getting skinned by poachers in the jungle, it’s cake that makes you fat, it’s the guy who cut in front of you at the cue because “he knew” someone.

Yes, life is unfair. We all know it , Coke Zero too.

ENTER / Coke Zero’s Fair Revolution.

A campaign where Coke Zero provides an ear to all the unfairness of the world. And at the end, action, try to make some things fair again by it’s own means and by sponsoring those unknown heroes that do it everday.

TELL / TheFairRevolution.com

A space where Coke Zero’s audience can share the unfairness in their lives and the world around them.

As people enter The Fair Revolution it will start to come to life. Like the earth’s exhaust where the people of the world can share their stories and know that other people and Coke Zero are listening.

Websites, videos, articles, pictures, illustrations, blogs all in one place, saying one thing: this isn’t fair.


As TheFairRevolution.com will display the stories of unfairness by rating, this meaning that all the users can rate the stories of the others, the highest rated would be the story the most people relate or feel solidarity towards.

Coke Zero will take action with these high rated unfairness stories and try to make them right, make them fair, with in all of it’s power and limitations of course.

SPONSOR / Unknown Unfairness Fighters

Coke Zero can sponsor the Unknown Unfairness Fighters, these are the heroes, the “brand celebrities”, the unknown unfairness fighters.

Coke Zero would help them economically but also tell their stories, what they do to make the world a little more fair, short documentaries that would go up on the web to open the debate.


This campaign is about taking action. Now a days, saying something isn’t enough. Brands have to get out there and do something real, and I’m not just talking about bringing people together, but doing it for a reason, this is Social Responsibility, the UN’s Global Pact, being green.

I think A Fair Revolution from behalf of Coke Zero works well conceptually. I’m not going to get into the execution ideas at this point, but Coke Zero should be the bad boy of Coca-Cola company. It already has the aesthetics, the attitude, now let’s bring it to life and do or try to do something for people’s lives, for real.

I don’t know to what extent this brand can get involved politically with some issues, but I think that would be a great way to go. An involved way of being a brand that says: Life As It Should Be.

Again, saying something isn’t enough, let’s double that bet and see what Coke Zero can really do for their consumers and all people who share it’s vision of life.

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