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Creative project Coke Zero, first entry

This comes from Ed Smith, and looks pretty good. (btw Ed is looking for a job as a digital planner…).

Again, there is no right or wrong at this stage. I will collate more entries next week.

Coke Zero

‘Life As It Should Be’

Coke Zero Universe

Welcome to the Coke Zero Universe. A campaign where the audience don’t just participate in it, they create it. By unifying the Coke Zero’s target audience and gathering all the interests of the young 21st century male together to create their Coke Zero Universe. The twist is that instead of the brand telling the target audience who they are, they can tell us. This is life as it should be…

Part 1

CokeZeroUniverse.com and Coke Zero Remote Control (for internet browser)

The Coke Zero Remote Control for your internet browser is a free to download application which acts as a remote control to browse the internet (this will fit in internet explorer). Like the Stumbleupon.com application you can vote on each page you visit whilst it also learns what you like by recording your favourites. When everyone does this The Coke Zero Universe will become a world of websites, youtube clips, articles, blogs all collected and shared by Coke Zero’s target audience.

Also in the style of Digg.com you will be able to add a Coke Zero Universe icon onto your website, blog or article which will direct traffic to your site and in doing so will also help build the Coke Zero Universe. This will allow people to rate your site, article etc Zero being the highest score, naturally.

Using your Remote Control in your internet explorer you can navigate to these sites via categories or using the ‘Channel Flicker’ to randomly select a page.

Categories can include for example:


Funny Stuff

The Weird Web


Cokezerouniverse.com will act like a magazine of what people have found and shared whilst it will also display the highest rated sites, articles, videos etc displaying exactly what the Coke Zero target audience like. This will also be where you can get the Universal Remote Control for your Mobile (see part 2)

Part 2

Coke Zero Universal Remote Control (widget for mobile phones)

Turn your mobile into the Coke Zero Universal Remote Control. With Coke Zero’s free to download widget, your mobile can become the young male’s personal lifestyle guide. Bored and stuck on what to do? Turn to your Universal Remote to find out what’s on near you.

Your Universal Remote Control, just like your sky remote at home, will be split into several categories with each displaying a list of what’s on around where you are, e.g.

All Channels


Sport – e.g. football game or sports club




Music – e.g gigs

Still can’t decide what to do? Like the remote for your browser another feature of the Universal Remote Control will be the ‘Channel Flicker’. A system that will pick at random an event/place/shop etc. for you to go and check out and rate.

By visiting cokezerouniverse.com you can add to Coke Zero’s offerings on the Universal Remote Control by adding anything you think people should know about from a piece of graffiti to a summer festival for example.

This is a remote with intelligence, delivering personalized content tailored to the user’s own tastes and localized to their present location.

How will this work?

GPS technology will track the mobiles location thus the Universal Remote Control can filter the content to events in your present location

Working in the same way as Sumbleupon creates a memory based on how you rate each event/place/gig, the more you use it the more personal the service becomes

Visual style ideas

I’ve put together a few examples of visually how this campaign could look. Bellow is the work of Eric Tan. I feel his work is perfect for the campaign, its fun messages and attractive to the target audience.

Also I found this poster for the film Metropolis which in a strange way summed up whole campaign and too could be inspiration for the visual approach.


This campaign allows it’s consumers to embrace and be apart of the coke zero culture by involving them and allowing complete interaction. Also this campaign, particularly with the Universal Remote Control provides a perfect platform for Coke Zero to launch any other marketing initiatives for example an event. The remote control and the mobile phone are the 21st century’s young male’s gadget/companion/best friend/life support and are utilised for them to create a culture around Coke Zero, which they, the audience choose. Life As It Should Be.

  1. August 21, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Sweet great Archery write up!

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

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