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Project new creative, take 1 => Coke Zero

So here it is, it’s the official kick-off of who wants to be a (digital) creative.

I’ve chosen Coke Zero as the guinea pig.

Why? because it is actually quite ‘easy’ to understand the situation and context (Disclaimer: I’m not saying it is easy to produce great work for it or that I’m better than anyone).

Our goal will be to create some work as if we were to launch Coke Zero in Europe. ‘Advertising as it should be’ (ha ha). I agree we shouldn’t restrict it to digital. Let’s just be creative.

The product is marketed at young men, under the promise that it tastes like Coke, only without the calories or sugar.

Sounds simple, but they’ve managed to produce some quite poor ads (in my humble opinion) if it wasn’t for the huge budget (apparently one of the most expensive drink launch ever in some countries), I’m not sure it would have got great results.

Let’s look at the ads for a second.

The last one of the ‘life as it should be’ series: The break-up.

That followed the one with the guy meeting his ex in a convenient store.

And the online game, ‘football as it should be’, that has nothing to do with football apart from the chance of winning some tickets to the Euro.

More spots have been produced in different markets (those are the good ones). Most notably the ones from W+K that just won silver at Cannes, and the CP+P ones of Coke suing Coke Zero, you can watch them here, but I’d like not to focus too much on them. But despite all these different executions, good or bad, I don’t think they really nailed the campaign.

The problem I’ve got with the other European one ‘break up as it should be’ type of things is obviously their lack of subtlety, their idiocy and insult to the opposite side.

It’s also too close to Axe, but without the cleverness and fun of it.

They are a bit too literal and offensive to girls.

I think the ‘life as it should be’ as potential. Not sure about the ‘great taste, zero sugar’ though.

Anyway, as a project, before we start being ‘creative’, we first need to agree on the big idea.

– Do we think we could get to better work while keeping this idea? (life as it should be)

Starters for 10:

– The audience is young guys. But does it have to be about girls?

– How do we get creative in the media? With so much money, why doing a classic TV campaign + online game?

– We know their masculinity is an issue, they need to be feel like this is a drink for real man.

– What does this audience want nowaday?

– This needs to be European, let’s try to see what unify this audience, insights that they resonate with all of them, no matter what countries they are from.

– How can we make like as it should be for our audience, rather than telling them? Free stuff is always a winner but how can we make it creative?

– How can we turn this idea into something more active and participative?

It’s the first project so I’m not 100% sure of how doing it or what to use (Wiki…) so feel free to give me suggestions.

Deadline: This week we can see who’s up for it and we can start thinking about it.

I’ll start putting stuff up there next week and we’ll review everything, next Friday.

Share the love if you know people who’d like to participate. The more, the merrier.

  1. June 24, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    i don´t mind life as it should be. it has potential. my point of view here is that, as you said, to try to unify the audience, the important thing is to create real content, and real is trying to tell stories that as you said again, resonate, at the core. to do that i think being sensible is a must. i also agree with the make it real actions. the participation part i think could be most exciting.

    no schedule?

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