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Going asian

(pic credit -that’s Tokyo btw)

Many thanks from Rob @ Cynic (check his blog if you haven’t already done so: The musing of an opinionated sod), who suggested I should check asian blogs as well (well he actually said as opposed to) American ones, in response to my – temporary – boycott of UK blogs and publicitations.

Here it is:

When I suggested you visit Asian blogs – I wasn’t suggesting just ad-based ones because as you say, the standard of Asian ‘creativity’ is lacking, especially compared to the West, however it improving at a rapid rate and interms of both strategies and how people use/adapt technology, there are few other countries/regions that come close.

Please don’t think I am suggesting my blog as one that represents Asia – I know how rubbish I am 🙂 – however you are probably going to find more value in ex-pat blogs if only because

[1] the language barrier and [2] their ability to view what is happening with a greater level of clarity [simply because it is always easier when you adopt an ‘outside-in’ mentality]

Anyway, to ease you in – here’s a variety of blogs that may be useful – some are more updated than others, but they cover a wide view of Asia from technology, culture and adland.








Anyone got more?

  1. Rob
    June 10, 2008 at 10:21 am

    Oh dear – what have I done 🙂

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