Internet celebrities

 I’m loving these new Michael Moore of the Internet.

The Internets Celebrities make short video essays about social justice, food, and free shit. Dallas Penn of and Rafi Kam of — both well respected bloggers in their own right — seek to uncover truths, and celebrate the urban culture along with director Casimir Nozkowski. Employing a limitless cultural vocabulary, their own self-proclaimed celebrity status and some good ole-fashioned fearlessness and charisma, the Internets Celebrities are the Woodward and Bernstein for the YouTube generation.

Their videos are excellent, witty and even though they tackle serious social problems, very fun and enjoyable to watch. Their latest installment, ‘checkmate’ is about the check cashing joints and how they thrive and self perpertuate poverty.

Again, much to learn from these two dudes about how to make documentaries. What I like about them is their authenticity, honesty and integrity. When we mandate documentaries, we need to make sure we get good ambassadors of the subjects we pick. Too often, branded documentaries fail on the authenticity front and just feel too contrived, despite their production qualities much superior to the ones of the ‘Internet celebrities’.

The importance of humour, again, if you want my attention for a few minutes, you’ll have to make it rewarding. And they manage to do that pretty well. “You see, I have no problem with being poor.  But what I have got a real problem with is having no money”.

You will surely hear more from these guys in the future.

Their blog:

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