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Clever campaign from Work Club

A nice campaign from the clever chaps at Work-Club, for premium baby food Plum.

I do think creating baby superfood is a no-brainer and the products will sell incredibly well, taken how parents are becoming increasingly worried at what they give to their children.

Nonetheless, the positioning for the campaign, ‘a taste of things to come’ is excellent.

This might not win shiny awards (actually it might just as well) but willsurely be well received by the mum community.

They’ve created a lot of baby-friendly movies (for babies aged 10 to 18 months). Mums are encouraged to interact with their babies by describing what’s on screen.

What I do really like is how they’ve gone to produce the films.

They partnered with a baby psychologist to:

Follow patterns of repetition, bright visible colours, sequences of anticipation and cause and effect that encourage interaction between parent and baby.

And were scored by Bafta award-winnning composer Laura-Forrest Hay.

So it’s not just a creative team sitting on their arse thinking what content babies would like, but they’ve actually got experts in to help them on a subject they just couldn’t have cracked on their own. Then, worked on what was the most creative way to communicate it.

Whether the whole thing works, I can only take their word for it, it’s too close to the Teletubbies to watch for more than 20 seconds without losing your sanity, but I’m sure mums will love it.

Well done chaps.

Also, knowing that Work-club does not have a production department but outsources it, the web experience works pretty well indeed, so it’s another point in favour of outsourcing production to people who do it best.

Check the website Plum Vision.

Visit Work-Club ‘s blog.

Found via the reel newsletter

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