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How Levi’s Jeans duped the Internet with their new secret ad

A very interesting post from Gawker about the latest Levi’s viral.

Which is here:

It quickly got to 2M views. Probably by working with a great seeding agencies.

And compares it with last year Rayban viral. Which racked 3M views, working with the Feed company.

(Which has taken its inspiration from that one if you ask me)

Anyway, the similarities between the two are uncanny.

Although the Levi’s ad (which has nothing to do with BBH) is definitely not original, it does work quite well, taping into people love of a good stunt on the Internet. I think it is actually better than the Rayban one. It has a great feeling about it and is all about the product. Getting people excited about an ad heavily featuring your product is no easy task. So well done to them.

But the only problem is that it was after the Rayban ad. So a bit of Internet fame they might get, but awards they will not.

But ultimately does it matter to our normal Internet dude? Probably not.

  1. JacobW
    May 14, 2008 at 1:48 am

    Blogs really need to enable images in the comments section. There are so many gifs that would be sweet after this…

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