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taking Nike to the next level

I thought it could be fun to try to apply my ‘diablo / eggtimer’ model to the latest Nike campaign ‘take it to the next level’, as I know pretty much nothing about it. It’s my thoughts in 10 minutes, they have probably already thought most of it. Suggestions welcome.

Here is the model, which you might have to click on. The orignal post is here.

First, the big idea: the campaign seems to be about training. “If you want to be a pro, train like a pro”

Which seems quite creativety fertile, yet seems to be quite restricting in terms of volume. I know every 10 years old dream of being a pro, but what about the 98% of the people playing football because they enjoy it, knowing they’ll never make it to pro? It’s not the most uniting theme ever but it’ll do for the purpose of the exercice.

But it’s topical. The campaign starts when most football leagues have finished and summer is the time to train for the next season.

The campaign values are about hard-work, wanting it more than the other ones, never giving up, working ony our weaknesses…

What they already have on the website is a training programme one can suscribe to and a couple of uninspiring videos promoting it. So far very underwhelming, as Nike’s got us used to innovative integrated campaigns.

Anyway, let’s see what I’d have done for this campaign using the model (not pretending its the best way to do it, just having a bit of fun here).

Step 1: Provoke

Here the goal is to create an emotional connection by introducing your philosophy / point of view / what you stand for, to as much people as possible as quickly as possible.

Well, we can say they’ve achieved that in great style with their new spectacular TV ad. 120 sec solus ad just before the Champion’s league semi-finale…

So they have opted for the second model below. Big introduction to everyone rather than trying to do some sleazy footwork with ‘influencers’.

Step 2: Inspire

This step is about getting people to believe your point of view / philosphy / issue is a valid one.

Although the TV ad is spectacular, I don’t think it carries the message about training strongly enough to inspire me to really want to join a boot camp. I would here have documentaries on how football superstars had to ‘take their game to the next level’ and how they did it.

Example: Ronaldo’s last year in the Premier league. He was good but not scoring many goals. Drogba’s first year at Chelsea. He wasn’t good. Etc. They had to work hard to take their game to the next level. How? What did they have to do? What can we learn from this? A string of online videos would be cool.

Step 3: Demonstrate

The point is to demonstrate how training like a pro can actually deliver impressive results and drive talkability and PR.

For example, I would hold mini boot camps in every key cities to promote the big boot camp. Which could be then turned into content for their website. One could also distribute training programmes and / or Nike + sportband (see next point) to get people started.

Step 4: Participate

That’s the boot camp in itself. It’s gotta to be amazing. Personalised videos of training sessions. Individual coaching. Constant harrassing by text, email, twitter, facebook messages to TRAIN. It’s not for the faint hearted.

The possibility to organise football training for everyone on their website. I.e. anyone could go on the website and look up who’s training this Sunday and where. That would assure repeat visits and traffic to the website while providing real value to its audience. Bit like the Nike+ mapping tool.

I would also expect some kind of cool technology like the Nike+ sportband, but adapted for the football training.

Knowing that not everyone will make it to the Boot Camp, how can we get motivate people to train, even on their own? How can they track their progress and see how they are improving?

Step 5: recruit

I would use interactive online advertising to challenge kids to take part in the programme and adults to start training properly. Viral advertising…

Think you are fast enough? Try me… Think you got what it takes? Try me.

I would also tap on the rivality between friends and give them tools to challenge themselves. Maybe filming some of them in the mini boot camp, giving them the video of their performance so they can challenge their friends.

Maybe having the possibility to send personalised mini clips using the footballers in the campaign, challenging their friends…

Finally, I’d partner with amateur football leagues throughout the nation and provide them with real training equipment. Big up the credibility and the love.

Step 6: advocacy

It’s about showing the results of the whole camapign and allowing people who have participated to boast about it.

Give football trainers badge of honours. Allow them to show off to their friends. Give them tools they can put on their social network saying they are preparing for the next season. Tools that can be updated automatically so their friends can see their progress.

The BootCamp should actually deliver a result. For the kid that does best, he gets to train with Arsene Wenger for a week or something. Filming the results could do for some nice content online too.

There is a million of other things they could do. And budget is not a problem. What would you do?

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