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Now Volvo

What is going on? Another brand that used to do fairly decent, at least brave advertising is now doing the utter HSBC s**t type of cliche questions. It’s so poor. Saying nothing at all about the car, actually saying nothing interesting whatsoever.

” is this a tatoo? or a twatoo?”

“Design creates debate. And debates brings us together”

“Life is better when lived together”.

I mean, what a lot of b*ll*cks?!?!!

And what’s going on with the 80s pink punk haircut in the end? Is that to create debate? Where does that still create debate? In rural Spain, that might still be provocative.

It seemed to be quite an interesting car, apparently the design is really creating debate among car enthusiasts. It could have been really interesting to explore more that route rather than vomitting some outrageous stereotypes on our delicate faces.

These australians ads were at least more interesting and brave, leveraging the range of diverse emotions inspired by the car. Far from perfect they at least tickle my curiosity and make me actually want to see what the car looks like.

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