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The next creative revolution

A light hearted post on a hot topic…

Some people think that there is no place in the future advertising agencies for story tellers. that And that the future of advertising will be ‘utility’ based.

The Next Creative Revolution

Nick Law, chief creative officer of R/GA, talks about the the dynamic relationships that exist between the advertising medium and its message and the qualities the next generation of leaders need. Here’s the article in Creativity-online.

(via if.psfk)

Although I agree with pretty much everything Nick has to say, have a huge respect for RGA, love Marshall Mcluhan and brand utilites, I don’t believe his view is completely right. The model is not totally broken. It’s not as black and white as ‘entertainers’ vs the ‘utilitarians’. There is place for both. And both are still equally important, and will continue to be so.  Doing only one of these two will lead to failure. RGA’s genius Nike+ application still needs a TV spot to be promoted. Which I actually find a little weak…

The world is not that black and white. It’s not a battle. We need good entertainers as much as we need people able to think differently and come up with brand utilities that will indeed make a difference in people’s lives. But it is also what great content can do…

John Hegarty once said:

The TV commercial will still be fundamentally important. But I can build my message into other forms of communication, which is film, TV programmes, even magazines. Tomorrow’s products are going to be about entertainment. If it isn’t communicated to us in an entertaining way, we’re not interested. It’s not the end of the commercial if it’s entertaining. It is the end of everything if it is not entertaining.

And he’s got a point too. What has changed is that good TV work just doesn’t cut through anymore. But that goes for Internet applications as well. 95% of TV ad probably gets unnoticed. But so does 95% of branded utilities and other Internet related content.

I think the main point I agree with Nick on is that of collaboration. What needs to change is the creative process.  The linear proccess planner briefs creative who writes a TV ad is not optimal to come up with great campaigns. The model for modern communication I wrote about a while ago would involve more people than just a planner and a creative team. We’d need PR specialists, people who are experts on the subject, techies, philosophers, content people… 

I was watching again one of my favourite ad this morning:

And had another go at the Domino, build your own pizza app:

And thought, what would have happened if you had the same people working on the same team? Great things probably.

  1. April 18, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    thanks for saying so. it’s pretty tedious, all this ‘death of…’ stuff. you’re right, it aint a battle. the whole point is our paintbox got way bigger. there are no outmoded colors.

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