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The situationist International

I had a great response from Hilly on a post about the Situationist, which I thought was much better than my original post and worth reading: 

I am actually currently writing a dissertation on the very same subject for the final semester of my degree in advertising. I think that there is a huge connection between what the Situationist International were saying/doing/promoting then, and how we can use it with regards to what is possible now.

It could be argued that it ultimately boils down to the appeal of rebellion, but I think there is plenty of depth in the arguments that they put forward, its just a shame they were so against the trade! Beyond the ‘mymedia’/’user generated content’ point I think one particularly good example of an SI technique (detournement) being used, in the form of DIESEL, with their DIESEL WALL campaign.


The fact that they call out to “artists, designers, creatives” and most importantly “activists” only highlights its SI routes further. Its interesting to think that if one of the ‘activists’ winning entry said “No to Iraq” or “Love your environment not your possessions” etc (in SI style), then DIESEL can come out smelling of roses. They are giving the little guy a platform, meaning big people points, then attaching their logo to it, which then results in people thinking “hey what a good thing DIESEL is doing, I never realised they cared” or “wow DIESEL is so right I think Ill check them out”. £££.

I also recommend having a look at

Definitely a non profit mission, more core to the SI, but its good to see its still happening somewhere!

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