This is what the Interweb is for

1) Emotional Cities

Emotional Cities is an artistic and psychological experiment to monitor the emotions of Stockholmers and judge the overall mood of the Swedish capital. The project was commissioned by Morderna Museet
(Museum of Modern Art) in partnership with digital advertising whizkids FarFar, and realised by
artist Erik Krikortz, to explore issues of democracy and public space.

The Emotional Cities project asks ‘How Are You Today?’, using an interactive website to take the digital
pulse of the city. Inhabitants are asked to select one of seven circles of varying colour. Violet represents a
miserable status, progressing through to the red sphere,
symbolizing pure happiness. The average mood value is
calculated on an ever-evolving basis and projected onto the city’s five tallest buildings, creating a gargantuan light installation that can be viewed for miles around. The site
also encourages visitors to write a private online journal explaining their mood.

Their website:

Source: the excellent INFORM newsletter from Xtreme Information.

2) Absolut Machines

Absolut Machines is a pioneering project that explores what happens when leading-edge technology meets creativity, art and music. It’s an interactive installation which let online visitors create music together with intelligent machines.

There are two different machines. The first one is a big electromechanical orchestra consisting of a marimba played by flying balls and wine glasses played by robot fingers. It’s called the Absolut Quartet and is developed by New York based Dan Paluska and Jeff Lieberman. The second one is a robotic choir consisting of ten stunning characters in different sizes and with different voices and visual expressions. This one is called the Absolut Choir and is constructed by Teenage Engineering, a Swedish studio for future commercial products, communication and entertainment.

It’s some great visual piece of design – but there is more to the Absolut Machines. An advanced software systems at the back end of the machines will interpret your input and immediately turn it into a three-minute song, live-streamed via the Internet.

Source: DavidReport

They are both excellent use of the web as a way to either collect information that has a real impact on our day-to-day life or to directly interact with real stuff. This my friend is the future of online communication. Internet is no more an end in itself (as in a banner or viral), but a means to an end, the end being an amazing result you can really see or interact with.

Although it is just the early stages, this is the kind of things that will soon dominate digital awards. And once again, the Swedes are leading the pack.

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