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Ikea – Turning product showcase into compelling content

Ikea, thanks to Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors (click to see their portfolio, it’s impressive), has made a name for itself by beautiful and interactive product showcase, winning gongs and galore along the way.

It started with the 360 degrees exploration of the dream kitchen. Here’s the last and third installement:

Then, the more obscure exploration of closets

But what was lacking, despite the hypnotic beauty of the visuals, was, erm, an idea… Which has now being taken care of.

Introducing the bedroom experience:

From FB’s website:

You need a quiet place

In this campaign IKEA invites you to look at your bedroom in a new way. Not just as a room to sleep in, but also as an oasis of calm where you can read, relax and recharge after a hectic day full of work and household chores.

On site you can experience four different rooms and check them out from three different angles.

Basically, it’s an extension of the 360 still pictures of the Dream Kitchen to different angles video, but it still works absolutely fine. But they have created mini films before reflecting in 10 seconds the stress accumulated throughout the day, until you can finally… relax in your bedroom.

So Kudos for the agency and the client for delivering these beautiful online experiences that actually make you want to go to the store.

It’s very interesting to see how they turned what would be a boring product showcase into mini stories and extremely compelling content.

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