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different sources of creative inspiration

I’ve always loved finding what was behind great work. Once you reveal the inspiration, there is always a D’uh feeling, followed by a ‘I could have done that’. But the thing is you can’t. Faris got that one right, genius imitates. Or, rather, adapt.

As Thomas Disch would put it:

“Creativity is the ability to see relationships where none exist.”

And that’s what separates genius from average. This is not the ability to make up something totally new, but to find the right bit of stimulus and connect it to your project and brief. Excellent creative teams are always on the look-out for new things, curious about anything and eager to learn and understand what make compelling stories. Or just fascinating visual techniques.

Here are a few examples. Please note it is only my opinion, it might not really have been what inspired the creative team. Only seems uncanny!

Balls tossed on the streets of San Fransisco for the Dave Letterman show:

The genius of Juan Cabral was to see the potential of such a stunt for Sony Bravia… and to execute it again close to perfection.

Another one that has caused some controversy, Sony Play-doh, was accused to be based on that piece of art.

Source: Creative Review blog
It is exactly similar but again his talent was to see the potential of this still picture and turn it into an epic ad.

Another one for Honda, Cog was, I believe, strongly inspired by the “the way things go”, from the Swiss duo Peter Fischli & David Weiss.

Pretty identical eh? But again their talent was to spot the potential and find the perfect opportunity to adapt it for their clients.

Online, the pattern stays similar. Creative teams still look for art projects for inspiration. Look at the BK darth vader application that won a Cannes Lion in 2005.

It had cleverly used a popular web game called 20 questions, that has been played 60M times online.

Come clean

was, again hypotethically, inspired by group hug and all the confession websites that appeared at the time.

I wonder if the subservient chicken idea didn’t come from interacting with someone on a webcam… and trying to automate that process.

Dove Evolution could have been inspired by these pictures that were circulating the web a couple of years before.

Etc. Etc.

That is why I don’t think it’s a waste of time when I spend one hour a day minimum browsing blog the web for new stuff. It’s an investment. I just don’t know how creative teams can do without it.

But there is a limit to it what Youtube can achieve. Just browsing the 10 most watched videos for inspiration is pretty limited.

Here are a couple of previous examples. Although I admit to really liking the World of Warcraft spoof.


And wait until Corey Delaney, the kid who became an ultra pop star in 2 days, for being the biggest prick in Australia, to appear in some advertising for the brand that make his sunglasses. Or some other stuff I don’t even want to think of…

I’m currently selling the labyrinth concept of my previous post to one of my client…

  1. January 23, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    loving this.

    rock on.

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