The Zune campaign.

The Zune campaign has started a while ago accross the Atlantic.

Microsoft, finally launched what they hoped would be the Ipod killer. One of the main selling point is the fact that Zune users cans share files between them. Opening up your music library to your friends who own a Zune.

It does look cool.

In a typical Microsoft way, the budget seems to be unlimited.

But their approach was quite unusual. I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of what’s actually been produced but boy! they have created a lot of content. Both for TV and online.

They can be split in 3 different categories. The ones that advertise ‘Zune, you make it yours’, describing the fantasy world most users seem to live in.

Then some other animations that seem to promote ‘sharing’ in some sort of very abstract ways. Trying to build the brand, not even showcasing the product. They have commissioned some great artists to do some work for them.

They can all be accessed online at Zune Arts.

And some product advertising about sharing files. More concrete and to the point.

They obviously got the whole experience on their website, where you can go through an interactive Zune journey (i gave up after 30 sec), watch the ads (as if), share your music tastes with other people (as if).

So it got me thinking. The’ve got A+ for amount of content produced and for the quality of it. Most of them are visually stunning. But none of them actually really stand out. There isn’t one thing that makes me go ‘wow’. Judging by the amount of clicks these videos got on Youtube (that is very little), I’m not the only one.

They have tried to building different experiences accross different medium. Which I applaude. But the whole thing leaves me rather cold.

I seem not to be the only one as Ed Cotton thinks whatever Zune tries, it will never be really cool. I guess authenticity is not something you can buy.

So to summarize, this campaign does tick all the boxes. Sharing, cool looking ads, top artists and designers involved, many different executions, all platforms… But where’s the idea? What’s Zune point of view? This campaign could have been so much better if it had a strong idea at its heart…

But what did generate lot of noise online though are user reactions to Zune… And they are getting a lot of traffic.

The Zune phone. V witty.

or Zune Balmer.

Or even CNN mocking Microsoft Zune.

I’m sure Zune will do quite well in term of sales anyway, due to the mega-zillions Microsoft will keep on spending on its promotion.

It’d be interesting to see the ratio advertising spent vs sales for Apple and Microsoft…

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