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Dell’s new viral – Unleash the power of celebs

I’ve just came accross this campaign on Youtube.

What a great idea. Users can use famous celebs to pitch the product of their dreams to friends and family.

It’s a very clever way to boost sales for Dell, by leveraging the power of the grouped purchase. If one user can’t afford it, maybe 20 of his friends can help him get there, rather than offering him one little present each.

What’s genius about it is that users with a Paypal account can include it in their message, so the recipient can directly cheap in after seeing the celebrity’s pledge.

It could have an absolute killer if it had included more personalisation in the video message (a la MINI aveaword), but it must not come cheap to get these celebs in a studio for a few days each.

Inspiration from this campaign might have come from different sources. The popularity of online wedding list for example. Or the ‘team buying‘ phenomenon that is getting momentum in China.

But the interesting point is how they’ve made the most of these 2 functionalities to turn it into a powerful selling tool.

It should boost sales and do well at Cannes next year.

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